Data Analytics 
Remote Intensive

Learn the fundamentals of data analysis together with the key steps in transforming data into answers.

Shaping the futures of women in technology ✊

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“allWomen has had a profound impact in my personal journey, transitioning into Tech. By giving me a vibrant, and exciting space to learn, and by exposing me to terrific women leaders working in AI. The quality of teaching was outstanding and based on hands-on business real-life problems.”

Giovanna Jaramillo

allWomen Data Science graduate
Epistemologist & Data Scientist

Learning & Professional Objectives

Bump-up to the next level by adding data understanding and data design to your resume in an efficient way.


in Python.


of the scientific method.


data into answers (data exploration, preprocessing, data cleaning and feature engineering).

Career Development

We want to provide you with the necessary support 
to boldly enter the industry with confidence.


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Data Mining.


critically about data and draw conclusions based on your analysis.





data and data analysis, and the opportunities it offers.

a personal project using the tools and skills that you will be learning during the course;

your results, findings, and next-steps recommendations in front of an audience.

as an individual to accomplish your personal goals, and share your knowledge by working in a team.

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Shaping the futures of women in technology.

Inés Cordón, Testimonial Data Science Immersive Course

Today's data revolution is not only driven by the vast and consistently growing amount of data; it is fueled by different technologies that are changing the way we collect, store, analyze, and transform this information. Together, these drivers allow us to gain a clear and powerful insight into the depth of data and thus extract new knowledge, discover new connections, and make new predictions. 

In this Data Analytics course, we will address the fundamentals of data analysis together with the key steps in transforming data into answers.

In just 5 weeks, you will have a solid foundation and knowledge of how to manage data and get the most out of it effectively. You will learn about programming, data mining, data analysis, and powerful visualization of data and create a human-centric Data solution as your personal project. 

June 29th to July 31st
100h of Remote Learning

Monday to Friday
10:00 to 14:00 CET or
16:00 to 20:00 CET

Demo Day & Hiring Day
Career Assessment

Blanca Cros

allWomen Data Science graduate
Digital MKT Specialist & Data Analyst

“I did the Data Science Program with no technical background, it has been a truly challenging, amazing experience. The content, the labs and the community of women in technology that allWomen is creating, is fantastic! I recommend it to all my friend.”

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Demo Day & Hiring Day

Individual & Group 
Career Assessment

Female Industry Network

Our goal is to help more women either take the leap into the technology sector or continue to develop a meaningful career in this industry.

Our students come to data science
courses from all kinds of different fields


an understanding of the most commonly used tools in the Industry. 


visualization to transform data into information.

Remote Learning

Learning remotely is a very valuable experience 
and good practice for the new remote status quo. 


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Google Classroom, Miro 
and recorded classes.


Daily Stand Up Meetings, 
Daily Masterclasses, Group Q&A 
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