Product Management 
Intensive Course

Go through the whole cycle of becoming a great product manager, 
and learn how to effectively bring new products and experiences to market.

Shaping the futures of women in technology ✊

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Course Overview

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“This course gave me really efficient tools and methodologies to improve my knowledge and my self-confidence in delivering products that fit users needs. These 10 weeks also, bolster me that co-creation with your team is essential and a real motivation!.

Katia Arellano

allWomen PM graduate
Digital Strategist and Product Manager 

Learning & Professional Objectives

We will be simulating real life examples and exercises from the day-to-day of a product manager.


the product role and the mindset needed to succeed as a product organization.


about the importance of product market fit, prioritisation and other frameworks.


From inception to delivery, 
what is needed to deliver a 
successful product.

Career Development

We want to provide you with the necessary support 
to boldly enter the industry with confidence.


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Get familiar

with typical product management tools and the proper framework 
and methodology for product development per sector.





how to be the bridge between technology, design and business.

your communication and negotiation skills becoming the "CEO" of your product.

the option to shift careers by understanding what product managers do.

your own MVP and product roadmap in front of experienced product leaders.

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Shaping the futures of women in technology.

Product management is a relatively “young” discipline. Born out of Silicon Valley and Agile, it has grown tremendously in the last few years. This course is about understanding what product management is

The objective of this bootcamp is develop a base understanding of what a product manager does and how product management helps organizations succeed.

You should expect to learn and develop this knowledge together with a community of like-minded women who, like you, feel passionate about bringing new products and experiences to market.

Claudia Zen, Testimonial Product Management Course

June 29th to July 31st
100h of in person classes

 From Monday to Friday
From 18:00 to 22:00 CET

Demo Day & Hiring Day
Career Assessment

Hazel Watts

allWomen PMI graduate
From Media Production to Product Manager

“Coming from a completely different background, I always wondered whether I had the skills to get into tech, and now I KNOW I do. I don’t know anywhere else where you would find the right space to feel safe, supported and elevated as much as you would here. I truly feel part of a family of powerful amazing women.”

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Demo Day & Hiring Day

Individual & Group 
Career Assessment

Female Industry Network

Our goal is to help more women either take the leap into the technology sector or continue to develop a meaningful career in this industry.

Our students come to product management
courses from all kinds of different fields