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Meet your instructor : Susana Passinhas

Susana is a Senior UX/UI Designer with over 15 years of experience. She has worked as  Visual Designer, Product Designer and UX/UI Designer. From small UX boutiques to startups and scale-ups, from energy consumption to health and services, from small to big teams, Susana has done it all. She joined allWomen in 2020 teaching UX/UI Design and she felt so passionate about teaching that she is now also mentoring UX/UI Design students from all over the world. 


Alicia Olona

allWomen Alumna
UX/UI Designer

Paula Garaventa

allWomen Alumna
Product Designer

The online program made it easier to connect with people from different parts of the world.

I've never expected to gain so much knowledge in just five weeks.

Who is this for


Combine your instinct for design with other user Interface skills and level up!  Create outcomes that really engage users.  

Web Developers

Take advantage of your technical background and learn a new skillset.

📹 10 to 20 videos per course.

🎧 5 podcasts with industry guests.

✍️ 5 to 10 hands-on exercises.

🗒 5 assessments to self evaluation.

About this course

In this UI Foundation course you will acquire solid knowledge and understanding of UI that will equip you for your future career as a UI Designer. 

This is a complete course with all the must knows of the industry and practical exercises applied to the project you will be developing.

Course Outcomes: 

  • Know the basics of visual design, interaction design and motion.
  • Be familiar with design processes, methods and tools used in User Interface design. 
  • Develop critical thinking and strengthen decision making.

How you will learn with us

Self-paced or 

It’s up to you whether you follow the 5 week structure or go at your own pace.

5 weeks 
5 hours / week

We recommend setting a minimum of 5 hours of work per week for 5 weeks to complete the course.

Weekly live 
online sessions

These sessions give you the chance to dive deeper with your peers, all guided by an expert mentor. 

Hands on practice

You’ll be putting your new skills into practice in the form of exercises, quizzes and an optional final project.


Get feedback and guidance in daily office hours from expert and assistant mentors.


Get life long access to our global Community of 30K+ and connect with other women.

Questions? We are here to guide you! 

Choosing a course is a big decision and can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Book a session with a member of our team. Let’s chat!

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Our course is designed with your motivation in mind, let’s do this girl!

🙋‍♀️ 1 weekly live online session guided by a Mentor. 

🤝 Slack workspace with Mentor support & office hours.

👩‍💻 Final project to put all your new skills into practice.

🏅Certificate upon completion.

Course overview and learning objectives

Module 1

Ideation: Sketching

Module 2

Interaction Design 

  • Understand the Interaction Design Principles by Jakob Nielsen
  • Understand what is Information Architecture
  • Understand what are sitemaps and how to create them
  • Understand what are wireframes and how to create them
  • Be familiar with user flows and the different types of flows
  • Understand how to create flows

Module 3

Prototyping and Testing

  • Getting familiar with Figma
  • Understand how to prototype in Figma
  • Be familiar with the prototyping tools available
  • Understand what low, mid and high-fidelity prototypes are
  • Understand the different types of research methods and criteria
  • Be familiar with the types of testing and the differences between each.
  • Be familiar with usability testing
  • Understand what user tasks and scenarios are
  • Be familiar with how to prepare for a usability test

Module 4

Composition & Structure

  • Understand what are visual design principles and how to apply them
  • Be familiar with composition and grids
  • Be familiar with setting styles in Figma
  • Understand what buttons are and how they work
  • Be familiar with icons and how to use them
  • Understand typography basics and the proper use of typefaces
  • Understand color psychology
  • Be familiar with how color works in screens and devices
  • Understand how different colors interact between each other

Module 5

Motion & Responsive Design 

  • Understand the principles of motion design
  • Understand the difference between Responsive and Adaptive design
  • Be familiar with Design Systems
  • Be familiar with Atomic Design
  • Understand how components work in Figma
  • Understand what a design handoff is
  • Be familiar with the possible causes of a bad handoff
  • Know what documentation is necessary, formats and required content
  • Be familiar with how to prepare handoff in Figma

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Why choosing an AW course

For women, by women: Get taught by professional female tech experts, who will prepare you to master the skills you need to succeed in your tech career.

Our community is diverse, international and - real talk - one of the biggest in the world. Join our +40K women on our mission: to bring diversity to our future technologies by supporting women in the tech sector.

Questions? We are here to guide you! 

Choosing a course is a big decision and can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Book a session with a member of our team. Let’s chat!

Discover the AW Community

Become a member of our global online community, get access to cool free tech resources and connect with other women in tech!

This course opens September 26th. 
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This course opens September 26th. 
Use our code UIFREAK at the checkout for the best price!

With the code UIFREAK!


Normal Price


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Register now!Or download syllabus


Evolve alongside the digital transformation happening across the tech sector and add a valuable skill to your resume.


Do you thrive on learning new things? Our adaptive, hands on approach is designed with your motivation in mind. 

If you’re hoping to become a UI Designer, there is no singular path or background to do it, but some of our alumna are...

Download syllabus!

Susana Passinhas, UI Lead Instructor at UI Foundation course

  • Understand the Design process - Double Diamond
  • Understand what is UI
  • Understand what is the role of a UI Designer
  • Understand what ideation is in the Design Thinking process
  • Be familiar with ideation techniques
  • Get the know-how on how to prepare a collaborative ideation session.
  • Understand how to practice sketching