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Come and learn a mindset that will change how you approach problem-solving and streamline your creative process.

Shaping the futures of women in technology ✊

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"In a few weeks, the UX/UI course gave me a structured understanding of a field I would have never thought could become my career choice. The teachers are outstanding women who are there for you 100%, giving you guidance to make the best out of the course. It’s great to have this group of women supporting you all the way!."

Erika Mastrorosa

allWomen UX-UI graduate
Philosopher, UX Researcher & Designer

Learning & Professional Objectives

This course is for women that want to add a layer of new tools and mindsets to their current careers.


the creative process mindset and possibilities.


a strategy for user research and usability testing.


basic artifacts for the information architecture of a digital product.

Career Development

We want to provide you with the necessary support 
to boldly enter the industry with confidence.


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the principles of interaction design.

Get familiar

with design and prototyping tools.






your creative side with new ways to approach design challenges.

your communication with the design team at work.

the option to shift careers by understanding what user experience designers do.

your results, findings, and next-steps recommendations in front of an audience.

how the digital tools that shape your world are made.

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Shaping the futures of women in technology.

Most of the knowledge you’ll acquire during this class will last a lifetime because - regardless of the technology we use - what we do in the field of user experience is design for humans.

Tomi Ogundavi, Testimonial UX/UI Design Course

This bootcamp is designed to be an entry to the world of user experience design. The tools and methodologies we will be exploring could be applied in any area of work, not only in creative fields. We will apply all of the new concepts to hands-on projects, so that you can see the true impact of bringing empathy to design

June 29th to July 31st
100h of Remote Learning

 From Monday to Friday
From 17:00 to 21:00 CET

Demo Day & Hiring Day
Career Assessment

Elena Travi

allWomen UX-UI graduate
From Finance to UX Designer

"The UX/UI course introduced me to a world that i didn't know how to approach otherwise. And the teachers were amazing. Always ready and available for questions, feedback, curiosities and motivation. They really made 
a difference."

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Demo Day & Hiring Day

Individual & Group 
Career Assessment

Female Industry Network

Our goal is to help more women either take the leap into the technology sector or continue to develop a meaningful career in this industry.

Our students come to user experience 
courses from all kinds of different fields

Remote Learning

Learning remotely is a very valuable experience 
and good practice for the new remote status quo. 


Slack, Hangouts Meet, 
Google Classroom, Miro 
and recorded classes.


Daily Stand Up Meetings, 
Daily Masterclasses, Group Q&A 
and Individual Mentorship.


Students, Instructors 
and Hiring Companies.