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Are you ready to learn programming and coding techniques with modern web technologies that will secure you a career as a web developer?

Shaping the futures of women in technology ✊

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Course Overview

Our alumna work at

“allWomen has had a profound impact on my personal journey, transitioning into tech by giving me a vibrant and exciting space to learn and by exposing me to terrific women leaders working in AI. The quality of teaching was outstanding and based on hands-on business real-life problems.”

Giovanna Jaramillo

allWomen Data Science graduate
Epistemologist & Data Scientist

Learning & Professional Objectives

This course trains you to apply to any of the following job titles: 
Web Developer, Front-End Developer, Full Stack Developer.


of building websites with HTML & CSS, as well as programming in JavaScript.

Good Foundations

of computer science and tech such as Sass, React.js, Redux.

Technical Communication

sharing and understanding technical ideas so that you're able to explain the problem and solution to another developer.

Career Development

We want to provide you with the necessary support 
to boldly scale up
 the industry with confidence.


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Non-tech Communication

decode non-tech requirements so that you're able to propose design solutions (communicating with non-technical coworkers).

Best practices

and engineering attitude (ability to debug, test, and document using the proper tools).




Work with GitHub

your logical thinking skills and prove to yourself you can do anything if you put in the time and effort.

a portfolio that matches Industry expectations.

and a free web hosting service (Heroku) to create your online presence/personal brand.

as an individual to accomplish your personal goals and share your knowledge by working in a team.

Start your application today! 

Shaping the futures of women in technology.

allWomen Testimonials.

The field of web development has grown rapidly over the years. Being a web developer today is not the same as it was ten years ago. Today, a web developer must have what it takes to build interactive websites and dynamic web applications that are innovative and out of the box. In this Web Development course, we will address the basic programming languages and frameworks, give you a competitive edge and skill sets that will help you stand out. 

In just 24 weeks, you will go from 0 to 100. Our carefully designed curriculum and supportive community will prepare you to handle the challenges of the modern tech world. By the end of the program, you will be ready to find a job in many of the most exciting branches of technology.

Starting Oct 4th 
290 hours over 24 weeks

Monday & Wednesday
from 18.30 to 21.30 CET
from 9.00 to 15.00 CET

Demo Day & Hiring Day
Career Assessment

Katia Arellano

allWomen Product Management graduate
Digital Strategist & Product Manager

“This course gave me really efficient tools and methodologies to improve my knowledge and my self-confidence in delivering products that fit users' needs. These 10 weeks have also reminded me that co-creation with your team is essential and a real motivation!.”

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Demo Day & Hiring Day

Individual & Group 

Female Industry Networking

Our goal is to help more women either take the leap into the technology sector or continue to develop a meaningful career in this industry.

Women join our tech courses from an array of different fields. 
Meet our students!

Better understand

this Industry and the opportunities 
it offers.

About our instructors

Learn from a team of tech female leaders to build meaningful professional relationships.

Sílvia Mur Blanch

Web Development Lead Instructor at allWomen
Senior Frontend Developer at Typeform


Each course has a team of 5 instructors on average. They all have senior experience in different industry sectors. We want you to benefit from their diverse experience. 

Our instructors work for Typeform and Wallapop, among others. 

Flexible Learning Environment

Enjoy our Flexible Learning Environment!
100% online, at our campus in Barcelona, or a combination of both!


Slack, Hangouts Meet, 
Google Classroom, Miro 
and recorded classes.


Daily Stand-Up Meetings, 
Masterclasses, Group Q&A 
Individual Mentorship.


Students, Instructors 
and Hiring Companies.

Tuition & Financing

We have multiple financing options to give more women the resources they need to build a career in tech. Take a moment to get to know all of them by downloading our guide to financing our courses.

Then, book a call with our Admissions Team so that we can help you find yours!

Full Tuition


One-time payment


*Save 500€ when paid in full. 

Early Inscription


*Save 1000€ when paid un full. 

Pay in installments

We have several options. 

Ask us for more information. 

Income Share 

Pay once you land a job.
Ask us for more information. 

Referral Program

Bring a friend and both of 
you will get an additional 
300€ discount.

Want to take a deeper dive into the specifics?

Download the syllabus to learn more about the skills you will acquire 
studying Web Development with us.

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